Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dota 2 killer juggernaut build

Remember warcraft mod enfos? some hero get critical and then start wack fast and start pop up critical digit. outcome is extreme painful. I got insipred from enfos blademaster. thats why i create this build and apply to game. I ever tested althought not that strong. but quite fun to play if u see jug melee I tested this guide I manage to beat 2800++ mmr player by 1v1 hahaha...

item build


3x branch , tango, healing slave


power thread+ MoM

Late game

+4 moonshard

moonshard good for your ultimate also.

with insane attack speed your life steal automatically become insane as well..

if late game u find your damage too weak just swallow the moonshard buy some useful item.

skill build

max blade dance first and then follow by stats and then ultimate at level 6. then after max blade dance, max healing, and move on is flexible.

overall the game play u can see is the insane critical keep come out. After than u can strike back the enemy go backward. then u can ultimate them. They will scare you for it.